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LoyalCrowd helps you increase fan loyalty and earn additional income.

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What’s in it for you if you join LoyalCrowd?

We want to help you connect with your fans in the best way possible, while being able to boost your business to the maximum. In short, these are the main benefits you’d get to enjoy if you opt to implement one of LoyalCrowd solutions:

  • An untapped revenue stream
  • A stronger, more engaged fan base
  • A new channel for your content
  • An approval process for advertisers

How does it all work?

Your logo. Your club colors. Your content. Your fans. Your creativity and ideas. We put it all together for you in the form of a rewarding system API or a custom developed application (Android and iOS), and you choose what you want to serve to your loyal fan base. Easy.

And because we don’t want you to limit yourself to one specific format, LoyalCrowd allows you to create and share different types of content with your audience, including:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Ads

Need a slightly more in-depth explanation of how LoyalCrowd works?

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Tired of bot traffic?
Become an advertiser on LoyalCrowd

It’s time to finally say goodbye to fake traffic and annoying bots, and start showing ads to people who will really engage with them. Doesn’t seem possible? Well, we’ve figured out a way to do both and without too much of a hassle.

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